Mila Apostolovic, Fitness Coach

Holistic Fitness Trainer and Well-being Coach

Mila Apostolovic is a seasoned wellness and fitness coach with 25+  years of international experience.

Mila Apostolovic Holistic Fitness Trainer and Well-being CoachAs a certified well-being coach, personal trainer, and fitness coach,  Mila has decades of hands-on experience in Serbia, Canada and the USA.

Mila is passionate about educating and empowering others.

Mila Apostolovic has helped thousands around the globe to:

  • Adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle
  • Improve health and overall wellbeing
  • Boost self-confidence and change body image
  • Increase energy and body awareness
  • Reshape their bodies

Mila’s life in physical fitness began in 1995 when she opened her first club in Belgrade, Serbia. During this time, Mila was a regular contributor and featured instructor for the daily fitness program broadcast on Serbian National Television. She has served as a mentor and instructor to students from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education at the University of Belgrade and was a personal trainer to Her Royal Highness (HRH), Crown Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia.

In 2006, Mila’s passion for continuous improvement and advancement brought her to Toronto, Canada, where she developed and successfully built the Milates Body for Mind Fitness Program.

In 2014, she moved to Chicago to join her partner in life and business, Marko Mihailovic. Together, they co-founded the Chicago Center for Well-Being.

In 2016 Mila founded MilaGlo, a holistic skincare line for healthy and naturally glowing skin.

Additionally, Mila enjoys developing new recipes, classical and jazz music, biking and learning about other cultures. Mila is in love with  Greece, France, and Italy.

Mila is teaching:

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