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Milates holistic training is designed to help you achieve your personal fitness and wellness goals with sessions geared specifically for your body, your lifestyle and your current fitness levels. This training is a custom-made program that combines personal training, CHEK exercise coaching (Corrective Hight Exercise Kinesiology), holistic lifestyle coaching, and yoga.

Milates holistic personal training with lifestyle coaching will help you :

  • Lose weight and improve self-confidence
  • Get a strong and well-shaped body
  • Learn to eat healthy and improve your health
  • Improve posture, balance and flexibility
  • Get rid of the back/neck/hip/knee pain
  • Look fabulous in your wedding dress/suit/after pregnancy
  • Get faster in shape after surgery
  • Improve sleep and digestion

Milates personal training is ideal for persons who do not like to work out in group settings or require more individual attention or simply have conflicts with the Milates fitness classes schedule.

With Milates holistic training you will receive your own personal assessment and program design. In particular:


This includes a postural analysis, spinal curve measurements, a comparative range of motion test and comprehensive holistic lifestyle assessment  (8 questionnaires) to uncover the amount of physical and emotional stress placed upon your body.

Program design:

A personalized exercise program is designed exclusively for you, based on your assessment results. Your personalized program will take into account various factors, such as your goals, challenges and personal circumstances, as well as your workout space, and equipment available. Emphasis is placed on continuous monitoring of progress and adaptation of the plan, if/when needed.

These sessions are available in person and online.

If you live in the Chicago area but don’t have time to train with Mila in person, we also have an option to do the assessment in person and continue training online.

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