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Our story Our story began with our commitment to helping others overcome obstacles to health and happiness and to achieve their fitness/wellness and personal goals. We shared a holistic approach to well-being, as well as similar interests, values, and personal and professional goals.

We were already seasoned and successful fitness and wellness specialist and therapist when our story biggest journey began in 2013.

At the time our story began we were international professionals who have already helped thousands of clients around the world to reach their fitness and wellness goals.

We realized that despite the physical distance between us (one living in the US and the other in Canada), we were destined to explore the path together, reaching new heights of happiness and satisfaction by changing the lives of those who seek inner balance.

In 2014, we started living together and collaborating in Chicago, and in 2015, we completed the Anthropedia Well-Being Coaching Certification program in St. Louis, MO. The personal transformation we achieved during our Well-being Coaching training was a huge motivating factor for establishing the Chicago Center for Well-Being.

Being avid fitness and wellness advocates we promote wellbeing as a lifestyle.

Our mission is to inspire you and help you become fit and healthier, reach an inner state of calmness and happiness, as well as increase your vitality and satisfaction with life.

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