“I was fortunate to have Mila as my personal trainer whilst I was based in Toronto. To say she helped me change my life is an understatement. Initially we worked together to develop physical fitness and improve posture, however quickly realized that I needed to work holistically: my mind and my body, and with the introduction of Kundalini yoga and meditation my progress has been incredible.

She worked me hard, taught me so much about myself and the best way to exercise for my lifestyle and truly has had a massive impact on my life.

She is inspirational, strong, generous, disciplined and committed to ensuring she provides the most suitable and holistic approach to improving her clients’ needs and lifestyle. She instinctively understands the needs of the human body but doesn’t pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to, she’s not a task master, unless you want her to be!



With all of Mila’s experience and knowledge of the human body and mind, she is the best personal trainer I have worked with and my results prove it.
Thank you Mila, you truly have changed my life for the better.” – Fiona Logan, Accountant manager,NRS Media, Toronto, Canada


Before I started to work with Mila I was very unhappy with myself and felt that I was not in control of my life.I was tired all the time and never felt like socializing with friends and family. I even made excuses for the increasing pain I was feeling in my knees, hips and feet blaming genetics and not on my eating, drinking or exercising habits which at that time could have been described as poor, excessive and non-existent. In essence, my body was reacting to all these stressful situations in so many ways that I felt like it was shutting down and I was losing control. I used to be someone who enjoyed being active, socializing with friends and family, making plans and dressing up. Clothes were a guilty pleasure and I noticed that my level of interest in all these things had vanished.

Then I met Mila.

Since I first began training with Mila I have lost close to 15 pounds and have gone down 2 dress sizes, all this in less than 2 months! Although I have not yet reached my target weight, working out with Mila has taught me that patience while focusing on smaller goals pays off in making long-lasting life changes. She has been a huge influence in helping me change my bad habits into better choices (especially with regard to portion sizes). I now get compliments from people inside and outside of work. I left my troubling relationship and feel as if a huge emotional weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am no longer tired all the time and I love the way I feel and look in new clothes. I have more energy and control over my life and this is something that makes me tremendously happy

Mila definitely has a strong connection to her clients and inspires them to continue improving and persevering to reach their set goal. When we experience challenges and setbacks, Mila forces us to consider the impacts but also helps us to let go.


Mila is a true inspiration to know and an uplifting and positive person whom I enjoy spending time with. Her philosophy and approach to fitness, coupled with her positive, realistic and personalized training routines, make it a pleasure to work with her because I know she has my best interests and end goals in sight as much as I do.

I would recommend Mila to anyone seeking to change their life for the better because they will not be disappointed and will achieve the results they dream of and more! – Natalie Diaz, Manager at TD Bank, Toronto, Canada


When I first met Mila, I was weak, tired and self- conscious about the way I looked after having a baby, and felt that I did not have the ability or knowledge to lose weight on my own.

When I decided to hire a personal fitness trainer I called Mila because I had met her one day at the gym and had gotten a tremendously positive vibe form her. I thought about her more and more and the positive message and encouragement she had given me, and then finally made the decision to hire her. I knew form the very first day we started that this was one of the best decisions I had ever made!

I love working with Mila and feel determined to succeed not only for myself, but for her as well. Mila cares about my progress as much as I do and this is evident during our workouts and is seen in the results.

Mila and I have been following the Milates fitness program that she designed and implemented since mid-June 2011. Since then I have lost 20 pounds and I feel great! Previously, I would lose weight slowly but not quickly enough to see the results I wanted. Back then, I would go to the gym and do cardio and weights, but nothing has compared to the results I have seen since I started the Milates program with her.

After starting Milates, my weight has dropped dramatically and the rest is history. Now I have more confidence and I look forward to our daily workouts and most importantly, the results. I have managed to travel, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other important events and not gain a pound along the way. I am reaching my pre-pregnancy weight and would not have been able to do it without Mila or the Milates program. Because of Milates, I now have the tools and knowledge to manage my weight and most importantly, I know that this is not a short term quick fix for me, rather a new way of life! – Voula S., Director of marketing at Pegasus group, Toronto, Canada


Chuck Larsen’s life has seen significant changes as a result of working with Mila Apostolovic. An avid sports enthusiast his entire life, Chuck and his partner Else enjoyed and participated in various fitness activities on a regular basis, including: hiking, sailing, swimming, canoeing and skiing. Chuck’s first hip surgery occurred a few years after climbing the summit of Mount Kilamanjaro. Following this surgery, Chuck underwent a half knee replacement procedure, and although he recovered quite well, his body was not prepared for the repercussions and physical damage caused by a skiing accident a few months later.

After the skiing accident, Chuck underwent a hip replacement surgery that was closely followed by a femur break( the big bone of the upper leg) while on a sailboat. Because Chuck did not receive the proper rehabilitation necessary to restore his muscular imbalances, he required more surgery and underwent four hip replacements in total over a period of four years. All these surgeries took a major toll on Chuck’s body, flexibility, balance and strength. In addition, all five surgeries occurred in the past seven years, and the lack of physical mobility he was experiencing frustrated Chuck, an ‘A’ type personality who was not prepared to compromise his quality of life. In many ways, these surgeries and procedures left their mark on Chuck and he faced a lot of limitations and challenges because of the negative effects of both. Both Chuck and his partner Else, who also suffered from lower back pain, recognized that exercise and fitness was a vital component of their lives and they made a resolute decision to seek help as soon as possible so that the problems they were experiencing would not get any worse. This is when Mila entered their lives.

Through Mila’s customized fitness regimen, Chuck and Else were able to again experience the benefits and results that come with a consistent physical workout designed by a world class expert. After training with Mila for only one year, Chuck went through a dramatic transformation and has continued to experience tremendous improvements ever since. With Mila and Else at his side, Chuck recently hiked the entire length of the Grand Canyon from the bottom chamber to the highest summit. Five million people visit and hike the Grand Canyon on an annual basis, but less than one percent succeed in climbing from the bottom to the peak and back up again. This is what sets Chuck Larsen apart from the rest of us and it is what makes Chuck’s journey such an inspiration and success story for us all!

Today, Chuck continues to remain active as an avid hiker, biker, sailor, golfer, scuba diver, and snowshoer and spends plenty of quality time chasing his grandson and teaching him the benefits of an active lifestyle. He recognizes the importance of combining and maintaining his physical strength, flexibility and balance. If you were to watch Chuck from the sidelines, you would never guess that he is sixty eight years old and that he has recovered from five life altering surgeries. Having experienced unimaginable positive results first-hand, Chuck Larsen has great faith and belief in Mila Apostolovic’s unique techniques and fitness solutions and so should you! – Chuck Larsen, CEO- Celplast.inc, Toronto, Canada


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