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January, 2021

Marko Mihailovic, LCPC with his colleagues published the following article:  

Granjard, A., Mihailovic, M., Amato, A., Kazemitabar, M., Lucchese, F., Jacobsson, C., Kijima, N., & Garcia, D. (2021) The Effect of Having a Job on Life Satisfaction among Psychiatric Patients: The Mediation Role of Physical and Psychological Health. PeerJ. 2021 Jan 29;9:e10829. doi: 10.7717/peerj.10829. PMID: 33575134; PMCID: PMC7849504.

In this study, among psychiatric patients, we investigated if physical and mental health mediates the relationship between having a job and satisfaction with life.  We found that psychiatric patients who have regular or supported employment, compared to psychiatric patients without it, report higher levels of life satisfaction.  More importantly,  having a job leads to higher levels of physical and psychological health, which in turn explain psychiatric patients’ life satisfaction.

May, 2020

Marko Mihailovic, LCPC presented the following digital poster at the 32nd APS Annual Virtual Convention:  

Mihailovic, M., Amato, C., Lindskär, E., Al Nima, A., Kullberg, J., Kulving, M., Sikström, S., Cloninger, K.M., and Cloninger, C.R.  The Prevalence of Personality (Temperament and Character) Profiles among Swedish Newly Graduated Nurses.  

The study results showed that nearly 80% of the newly graduated nurses were warm, sentimental, friendly, and approval-seeking (i.e. nHR-Cautious,nhR -Reliable, NhR-Passionate, or NHR-Sensitive). This is obviously a good trait for a nurse, however, the nurses who are high in Reward Dependence might have difficulty saying “no”.  If the nurses are also high in Harm Avoidance (i.e. fearful and shy; about 66% in this sample), they may allow others to exploit them. In addition, only approximately 5% of the surveyed nurses reported being responsible, purposeful, resourceful, self-accepting, and self-actualizing (i.e. SCT -Creative or SCt-Organized).

May, 2020

Marko Mihailovic, LCPC  presented the following digital poster at the 32nd APS Annual Virtual Convention:  

Mihailovic, M., Amato, C., Lindskär, E., Al Nima, A., Kullberg, J., Kulving, M., Sikström, S., Cloninger, K.M., and Cloninger, C.R. (2020, May).  The Prevalence of Resilience Profiles (Harm Avoidance, Persistence, and Self-directedness.  

The results of this study provide an indication of one probable reason for the current high rates of burnout and work-dropout among newly graduated nurses. For instance, 65.90% of the surveyed nurses had a profile with high risk for burnout and ill-being (i.e. Hps “Fragile” or HPs “Perfectionistic”). In other words, 2/3 (65.90%) of the newly graduated nurses described themselves as worrying, pessimistic, fearful, doubtful, shy and low in energy (i.e. High Harm Avoidance) and lacking purpose, feeling ineffective, and unreliable (low Self- Directedness). At the same time, the nurses described themselves as either being hard-working, industrious, perseverant, and perfectionists (High Persistence) or being underachievers (low Persistence). These profiles only occur in 1/3 of the general Swedish population.

June, 2019

Marko Mihailovic, LCPC and Mehmet Dokucu, MD, PhD published a book chapter titled: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder: a personalized approach. In Garcia, D., Archer, T., and Kostrzewa R. (Eds.). Personality and Brain Disorders: Associations and Interventions. New York, NY: Springer.

The authors conducted a comprehensive review of a growing body of evidence suggesting that magnetic and electro stimulation of certain parts of the brain can alleviate depressive symptoms. We also reviewed current treatments for depression including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Additionally, we researched concurrent biomarkers, which may help in determining which group of patients would have a positive response to TMS treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). We evaluated current potential difficulties in diagnosing MDD accurately and reviewed a person centered approach as a model that may help with diagnosing MDD more accurately as well as improving existing TMS treatment.


May, 2019

Marko Mihailovic, LCPC was speaking about effective strategies for negotiation focusing on an importance of emotional regulation in the process of negotiation at the MAGI Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

April, 2019

Marko Mihailovic, LCPC co-presented research data on effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) compared to the standard psycho-educational approach related to medication adherence in individuals diagnosed with first episode psychosis at the Schizophrenia International Research Society (SIRS) Conference in Orlando, Florida.

We compared effectiveness in terms of medication compliance of standard psychoeducation and cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis (CBTp) in individuals with a recent diagnosis of schizophrenia.  We found that patients stayed longer in CBTp arm of the study than in the psychoeducation arm, the greater persistency for CBTp group did not seem related to therapeutic alliance, and CBTp patients seemed to express more unfavorable attitudes but seemed to stay on medications longer than patients randomized to psychoeducational group.

February, 2019

Marko Mihailovic, LCPC was presenting the Chicago Center for Wellbeing and our services on the National Broadcasting Radio FM 


November, 2018

Milates Center for Well-being becomes Chicago Center for Well-being

We decided to rebrand and expand our services in 2019.  Do you like our new name and logo?



September, 2018

New downtown office

The Milates Center for Well-Being officially opened the door of the new office in downtown Chicago, the Streeterville neighborhood. Our new office address is 230 E Ohio Street, suite 705, Chicago, IL 60611. Our location is only one block away from the Michigan Avenue and Magnificent Mile. The street parking is available in front of the building and we are two blocks away from the red line train station.


November, 2018

Body Awakening program at Gilda’s club

The Milates Center for Well-being demonstrated the Body Awakening program at Gilda’s club Chicago to help participants improve body-mind connection, brain plasticity, resilience, focus, and body awareness among other things. Besides these exercises, we were teaching participants proper breathing and acupressure protocol for increased energy. Despite a very cold weather in Chicago, the workshop was well attended and participants requested the continuation of the program from the leadership. As a result of this request, this program will be a regular program at the Gilda’s club Chicago starting in February 2019.


June, 2018

Nutrition and exercise workshop at Gilda’s club Chicago

The Milates Center for Well-being presented the nutrition and exercise workshop at Gilda’s club Chicago. The intention of the workshop was to help the participants to learn how to eat healthy, increase energy, and to stay active throughout the treatment. The big part of the workshop was a discussion about the food-energy connection.


March, 2018

Body Awakening program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH)

The Milates Center for Well-being demonstrated the Body awakening program at Cancer Connection event at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) in Chicago. The participants enjoyed learning new movements and were fully engaged. Many of them were taking notes during and after activity. We were pleasantly surprised by participants’ interest in this new program for them and willingness to learn more about it.

September, 2017

Body Awakening at Ogden Elementary school in Chicago downtown (Gold Coast)

The Milates Center for Well-being was a part of the Field day at the Ogden Elementary school. We had a lot of fun teaching school kids play with juggling balls as a part of the body awakening exercises. This type of activity is proved to encourage psychomotor development, brain plasticity, memory, and creativity. The activity was very well perceived and we enjoyed working with kids and watching them trying to combine juggling and clapping, turning around and catching a ball. Parents were happy too and participated as well.


August, 2016

Gold Award at AVA Digital Awards for Milates Center for Well-being website

The Milates Center for Well-being website received a Gold Award at the 2016 international AVA Digital Awards competition in the category: Small Business.

AVA Digital Awards is a prestigious international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication. Work ranges from digital engagement campaigns – to audio and video production – to website development – to social media interaction – to mobile marketing. The competition is sponsored by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, and its members serve as contest judges.

August, 2016

Bronze Quill Award at IABC Chicago for Milates Center for Well-being website

The Milates Center for Well-being website received a prestigious Bronze Quill award at IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) in the category: Communication Skills/Digital Communication.

The Bronze Quill Awards is a renowned competition that recognizes
excellence in developing and executing business communication programs. Winning entries feature clear objectives supporting the organization’s goals, creative communication strategies and effective, measurable results. The Bronze Quill is the highest recognition of IABC/Chicago, which is one of the largest IABC chapters in the U.S. and the oldest chapter in the world.

October, 2015

Two Gold Awards at the international MarCom Awards competition for Milates Center for Well-being website

The Milates Center for Well-being website received two Gold Awards in the 2015 MarCom Awards competition in two categories: a) Digital Media: Website / Web Content and b) Digital Media: Website / Small Business.

The MarCom Awards is an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals and is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The Platinum Award is presented to the most outstanding entries in the competition. The Gold Award is presented to those entries that are judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm.

The MarCom competition has grown to perhaps the largest of its kind in the world with about 6,000 entries per year. A look at the winners shows a range in size from individuals to media conglomerates and Fortune 50 companies. The competition is so well thought of in the industry that national public relations organizations, local ad clubs, and local business communicator chapters are entrants.

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