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  • A strong and confident body
  • Reduced body fat, increased strength, energy, and flexibility in a short period of time
  • Improved posture
  • No driving to the gym, no waste of time, no membership
  • Train in the comfort of your home or on the go
  • Immediate feedback on posture, performance, and technique
  • Maximum accessibility at an affordable cost
  • Tons of fun.
  • Encouragement from fitness members form all around the world.

FREE: Your first Milates online live fitness class is free! We would like you to have “Milates” experience before committing  to a 10 session package.Please sign up to receive your free Milates Fitness Online live classes.

WHERE: your home, office, cottage, hotel room, backyard, and basement. You name it!

WHEN: Tuesdays at 5pm, Fridays 8:30am. Saturdays 8:30am CDT(Central daylight time). Please check time in your area here. If these days/times don’t work for you please let us know and we can add more days/times.

Want to workout only with your friends or/and family online or in person in your office/home? No problem, email Mila at with your specific inquiry and we will set it up just for you.

If you do not like to work out in group settings or require more individual attention or simply have conflicts with the Milates Fitness Online live classes schedule than Milates Holistic Personal Training is perfect for you.

What is Milates™ Body for Mind Fitness Program

Milates™ Body for Mind  fitness program is created to develop a functional, well-shaped and confident body.

Named after its creator, Mila Apostolovic, a renowned international fitness and wellness specialist, Milates™ Body for Mind  fitness program is an innovative full body workout; a fitness regime like no other.

  • Milates™ fitness program combines the best techniques from Pilates to yoga and from strength training to toning, balance and stretching exercises producing astonishing results in a very short time.
  • Milates™ fitness program is unlike any other program currently available. Every class is unique and includes exercises that improve muscles and movements necessary to accomplish daily life tasks, sports and other leisure activities effortlessly and with pleasure.
  • Milates™ also contributes to the brain plasticity by developing body mind connection and it improves body awareness by teaching the muscles to work harmoniously.
  • Consistent participation in Milates™ program results in strong, well toned and shaped body, fat loss, proper posture, increased self-esteem, balance, coordination and mindfulness.
  • Milates™ is appropriate for all age groups and fitness goals, including weight loss, general fitness, postnatal, wedding preparation, post rehabilitation, and many more. All exercises are modified and adjusted to meet individual client needs and desires.
  • The programs are available online and in person (for Chicago clients).

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