Clinical Assessment/Evaluation

The Chicago Center for Wellbeing offers comprehensive clinical and personality testing to suit the needs of adolescents and adults. Our clinical assessment services are entirely confidential and scheduled based on your availability.  You will meet one-on-one with one of our licensed professionals to complete a testing battery that is designed based on your needs.  Please see more information about the services we provide below.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessments

A full diagnostic assessment typically includes an in-depth clinical interview in addition to personality tests, behavior rating scales, and various scales assessing psychopathology. These sessions may include a diagnostic interview, self-report measures, questionnaires for family members or friends, and full clinical assessments. Typically, a full evaluation can range from 4 to 8 hours and is often completed over a period of two to three visits. Information from this evaluation provides a broad view of general clinical functioning, personality patterns, and various mental health diagnoses.

Each person is different, and so mental health disorders can present differently from person to person.  When someone receives a diagnosis, this is simply a medical concept used to guide treatment – not a label or a predictor of one’s future.

Personality Assessment

The Chicago Center for Wellbeing uses the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) to assess your personality. TCI is a set of tests designed to identify the intensity of and relationships between the seven basic personality dimensions of Temperament and Character, which interact to create the unique personality of an individual. It is the only test of personality that provides a comprehensive profile that is based on what is currently known about the biology, psychology, and development of personality and emotions. It is designed to be a comprehensive inventory of personality and emotions — that is, the usual way a person thinks, feels, and acts. We choose the TCI as a personality test because research has shown the TCI is a valid and reliable measure of personality throughout the world in a variety of contexts and cultures. Describing someone’s personality using the TCI allows us to identify and discuss your emotional conflicts and problems, thereby facilitating growth in self-awareness.

Immigration Evaluation 

We provide evaluations of hardship for waiver and cancellation of removal cases, and mental health evaluations in support of VAWA petitions, U Visa, and political asylum cases. Our staff is trained and skilled in writing detailed mental health reports that incorporate strong clinical material. Our evaluation is comprehensive and involves a review of personal, family and background information, review of medical/psychiatric conditions and medications, current status, hardship factors, results of mental status examination and scales, DSM-V diagnosis, summary, and recommendations.  We work closely with the referring attorney to ensure quality work and attorney satisfaction.

The Assessment Process Steps Outlined: 

  1. Evaluation Process
  2. Feedback Session 
  3. Final Report 

The Assessment Process

Based on the reason for referral and needs of the client, our staff will then develop an individually tailored battery of tests that provide a high quality and comprehensive assessment. Evaluation process may require scheduling multiple blocks of time (2-6 hours) depending on the testing. There is also a feedback session where we provide you with the results of the evaluation, answer questions, and provide appropriate recommendations and referrals.  This feedback session occurs approximately four weeks after the final testing session. A copy of the report, where results of the evaluation are reported and explained, will also be given to you to use and can be sent to any institution and/or other professionals if requested. This in-depth report contains background information, test scores and interpretations, personality/behavioral functioning, and a summary with recommendations.  The report is released to the client within a week after the Feedback Session.


The Chicago Center for Wellbeing proudly provides highly professional diagnostic services at a relatively lower cost for our geographic area.  We also offer reduced fees for college and university students with a current and valid college/university ID. Though we do not accept insurance for this type of services, you may check with your medical insurance company for out of network mental health and clinical testing coverage. We will provide documentation for you to submit to your insurance company.

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For further information about the assessment services, please contact Marko Mihailovic at We will be happy to provide a brief phone consultation free of charge where questions can be answered, and an evaluation can be scheduled if determined appropriate.


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